Course Curriculum

  1. Chapter 1: Welcome

  2. Chapter 2: History & Statistics

  3. Chapter 3: Anatomy & Physiology

  4. Chapter 4: Breast Cancer

  5. Chapter 5: Mastectomy - Surgeries

  6. Chapter 6: Post Mastectomy Products

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Rhonda Turner


Dr. Rhonda F Turner founded the American Association of Breast Care Professionals (AABCP/ISBCP), a grassroots, member-driven advocacy group that defends breast care at all levels. She holds licenses and certifications in prosthetics, orthotics, piezoelectric breast screening, mastectomy fitting, and psychotherapy. As a former orthotic & prosthetic practice owner, Dr. Turner has advocated for women’s health for over 25 years. She is an Associate Professor, an author, and a travel junkie.